Training Program Development

Control Rooms require competent staff to manage daily tasks and be able to respond promptly and correctly to abnormal operations and emergencies. Training is specialized and specific for every operator; educational institutions can teach the fundamentals but cannot teach the specific operations for your system. A training program that is structured and addresses all task knowledge and skills requirements will  give your employees the tools to execute plans correctly and be ready for unexpected events.



Is your Control Room ready? We can help, consider...


  • Detailed training program that describes initial and subsequent training
  • List of knowledge and skills that are required to perform tasks
  • Proactive versus reactive response mindset
  • Teamwork rather than indiviual effort to diagnose and respond to problems
  • Abnormal operations and emergency response training
  • Team and support group training
  • On-boarding plan that prepares a new hire for their role
  • Involvement of the correct stakeholders develop and maintain the training program
  • Application of industry best practices
  • Procedures to regularly evaluate or qualify an employee through observation, simulators, oral and written methods
  • Engagement of employees in the development and ongoing training efforts
  • Training document review and record retention
  • Continous improvement and means to identify deficiencies or issues with training
  • Performance  and effectiveness of the training program
  • Training program compliance with regulations