SCADA System Support

The control room is equipped with a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that controls and monitors processes and facilities. This system requires accurate and timely data that a Control Room Operator can interpret easily and properly. When an abnormal operation or emergency occurs, the SCADA system is a vital link to remote facilities and to be effective, it requires correct initial commissioning of the data and controls, and routine checks to ensure the integrity. An effective SCADA system will give the Operator the ability to interpret and respond properly, which benefits all stakeholders.


Is your Control Room ready? We can help, consider...


  • Efficient and accurate design of the SCADA user interface
  • Standard alarm philosophy for assets
  • Alarm management plan that identifies safety related alarms
  • Alarm handling procedures
  • SCADA logs and records
  • SCADA training, evaluations, and qualifications
  • Management of change and approvals with key stakeholders
  • Analysis and reporting tools
  • Ease of integrating or divesting assets into systems
  • Point to point commissioning requirements
  • SCADA redundancy and backup
  • Cyber and physical security
  • Deficiency reporting system that incorporates corrective and proactive resolutions
  • SCADA system alignment and audits against recommended practices like API 1165 and 1167
  • Compliance to regulations