Management System Integration

A control room management program that aligns to a management system has a structure that defines repeatable steps. These steps focus on goals and objectives for leadership, planning, support, and operations. The system is dependent on defined processes, engagement of employees and management, risk-based decision making, measurement of key performance indicators, and a continuous improvement cycle. Effectively using resources and having efficient processes will will deliver safe operations and protect the environment, consistent products and services to customers, ability to respond to business changes, and compliance to regulations.



Is your Control Room ready? We can help, consider... 


  • Control Room Management program that integrates with your organization’s management system
  • Objectives and goals that align to business and corporate goals
  • Leadership support and engagement at all levels
  • Risk-based approach to planning work and staffing requirements
  • Competence system to manage and continually improve processes
  • Work environment and resources required to perform tasks
  • Control of documentation and readily available records
  • Timely and effective non-conformance process that enables and empowers employees to record issues
  • Continuous improvement cycle that supports non-conformance reporting and key performance indicators
  • Internal audits that verify compliance to regulations and internal policies