Business Resumption Plan

A business resumption plan describes the steps to maintain business operations should there be a disruption in operations or a crisis that impacts either human resources, access to information or data, and ability to access a facility. Control Rooms provide essential services and require system redundancy and contingency plans. Detailed procedures that describe the transfer of people and operations to a secondary location is essential to safety and protecting the environment, and preventing interruptions commercial operations.


Is your Control Room ready? We can help, consider …


  • Analysis of impacts to critical operational systems and processes
  • Plans to address impacts to human resources, facility accessibly, and access to information
  • Staff requirements for managing a crisis or business interruption
  • SCADA system backup and routine testing
  • Information system redundancy
  • Communications alternatives
  • Regular employee training that includes physical operation at a contingency centre
  • Regular training to transfer operations to a secondary site
  • Training and procedures that address crisis and business interruptions
  • Continuous improvement through deficiency reports and proactive/corrective actions