Audit and Inspection Preparation

Control rooms are required to comply with pipeline regulations. Whether internal or external, routinely audits or inspections occur. Internal or 3rd party audits/inspections, will identify gaps that will drive improvements to processes and procedures. Regulatory audits/inspections verify compliance and provide public insight of an operator's issues. To be successful, adequate preparation is essential. This will  instill confidence to the auditor, showcase your organization, and efficiently deliver the requested information while minimizing errors.



Is your Control Room ready? We can help, consider...


  • Plan that describes the timeline and how to provide the information requested
  • Concordance table that links procedures and records to specific regulatory requirements
  • Access to documents and records that are easily retrieved
  • Control of documents and records
  • Engagement of stakeholders who are at the correct levels in the organization
  • Interview preparation and disclosure of information
  • Key performance indicators and metrics
  • Deficiency reports and examples of proactive and corrective actions
  • Resources experienced with regulatory agencies (NEB, PHMSA)
  • Resources experienced with internal audits or third-party (CEPA)