About Us

Bayrock Consulting Inc. provides support services for energy pipeline companies and regulatory agencies; specifically in the field of Control Room Management. With over 30 years of technical, management, and consulting experience, we provide analysis, recommendations, and implementation support for management system integration, emergency preparedness and response, SCADA system operations, training programs, team management, and regulatory compliance.

We have experienced the evolution of Control Room regulations in Canada and the United States firsthand and understand how a structured management system benefits operations during normal and abnormal operations, and emergencies. Our passion is to share this knowledge and help companies improve processes and effectively adapt to business changes.


Our mission is to provide specialized process support that focuses on safety and protecting the environment, ensuring regulatory compliance, maximizing operational efficiency, and delivering sustained solutions. We build strong and long lasting relationships with our clients and collaborate to bring the right people together and ensure expertise is at the table. Our efforts will build innovative solutions that consider effective use of human capital and available technology, and create value for organizations.



Gene Bayrock